Mathru Bhoomi Vandana -  62nd Sri Lankan Independence Day Celebration in Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Mathrubhoomi Vandana, 62nd Sri Lankan Independence Day celebration in California, USA organized by Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts  was held in Duarte Performing Arts Center Auditorium, Duarte CA on February 06th 2010.

An official ceremony was followed by a cultural extravaganza, which presented an insight about Sri Lanka, its freedom struggle, its cultural heritage, its people, and their livelihood all the program participants were talented children, youth, & adults of our Sri Lankan American community in Southern California.

Presenting this event was truly a community group effort of patriotic Sri Lankans living in Southern California.

Please visit our testimonials page to read the reviews from attendees, you could view pictures of the event in our photo gallery, and enjoy the exclusive video highlights of Mathru Bhoomi Vandana in Serendib Video Highlights.

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63rd Sri Lankan Independence Day -
February 05th,2011


63rd Sri Lankan Independence Day in Los Angeles sponsored by Sri Lanka Consulate in Los Angeles is scheduled to be held at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center Auditorium 6200 Atherton St., Long Beach, CA 90815 on Saturday, February 05th, 2011 at 6:00pm.

Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts is producing the Sri Lankan Cultural Program at the Independence Day for the 4th consecutive year.
Admission is Free, but seats are limited.

Please contact us at 626-627-2879 or e-mail to make reservations through Serendib Foundation.


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